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Our services are quite diverse and are offered to clients in federal, state, and local facilities and institutions. We specialize in Corrections Auditing, PREA Reviews, Policy Writing, Prison Reform, and  more. Contact us to learn more and schedule your consultation.

Corrections Auditing

Securing our detailed Professional Corrections Auditing services will help you to not only protect your facility or institution. This type of service is also an effective way to deploy efforts that will continually reinforce the importance of compliance. We will evaluate what you are doing currently and put you on the right track to observe industry trends.

Auditing Process
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PREA Reviews

The Prison Rape Elimination Act has become a proven and essential program. It has funding and resources that assist state and local governments, as well as federally recognized tribes. The parameters of PREA affect adult prisons, jails, juvenile detention, and other facilities. These have the same mandate and mission to ensure compliance consistency. The services we offer benefit in the maintenance of these critical objectives.

Hands-On Support

Because we are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as it relates to corrections operations and relevant current trends, our hands-on support approach can transform programs. Through our services, we help clients to meet their area, industry, and agency goals. This work is done by focusing on best practices, policies, and procedures.

Support Call

Personal Consultations

As specialists when it comes to operating diverse facilities and institutions, we bring experience and training to our consulting services. These are impactful to executive-level leaders, including Wardens and Regional Directors throughout corrections. Personal consultations, whether, telephonic, virtual, or in-person assist clients in the development of compliance plans.

Facilty-Focused Policy Writing

Professional Policy Writers have the proficiency and experience needed to produce written directives that are clear and concise. This policy works to assist staff, prisoners, and the community-at-large. 

Our clients also want to prevent issues, such as administrative liability and accreditation standards violations. These may involve the American Correctional Association or the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC).

Medical Services
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